Ditching Narnia

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I’ve started watching season 4 of Lost Girl…

All of the tumblr spoilers have been forgotten (hopefully). However, it’s the American version. womp womp


Or unless it was a specifically picked clip meant to lead the audience towards an absolutely inaccurate conclusion. Sorry, but I can come up with various other options. Any you know what? Let’s say she DOES consider killing Marian (I don’t think so, but devil’s advocate), the fact that she does not is really all that matters. Regina is a complicated character and it would be unrealistic for her not to be conflicted or drawn towards her old solutions. All that matters is that she rejects her darker impulses so…shrug.







I kind of took the liberties of changing where they end up because…well because I felt like it made more sense…it probably doesn’t but ah well, here it is.

“Oh, it sounded like such a peaceful life at the time, leave everyone and everything behind” Snow practically cooed, the baby in her arms babbling as she spoke and the daughter smiling warmly at her only helping to remind her of why she had chosen the other path, the harder path.

Hook scoffed loudly enough as he raised his glass ready for a long pull of golden ale, “like mother, like daughter.”

“Hook.” Emma couldn’t say she wasn’t slightly pleased at the grunt of pain he let out as she gave a sharp elbow dig to his ribs. All eyes instantly turned to her, Ruby looking a little more than surprised, her mother looking somewhat disappointed that their earlier chats still hadn’t had the desired effect and Henry was, as expected, instantly on the defence.

“What is he talking about?”

David shifted in place behind the booth and leaned over in order to turn another page of the storybook that had led them to that moment, uncursed and reunited. “Should we read more stories?”

“Actually,” Emma’s spine instantly stiffened at the sound of a voice she knew would only aid in Henry’s questioning, an adult that wasn’t going to tell him to be quiet or just leave it, “I’d like to know what the pirate is talking about.”

Green eyes closed in emotional exhaustion, she was ready to drop, to simply fall to the ground and not move for the rest of her life. “It’s nothing.”

“Are you planning on going back to New York?” she watched the tiny flickers of the blonde’s facial muscles, the clenching jaw ready for verbal battle, the furrowed brow as she fought to keep calm and not scream out at the top of her lungs in sheer frustration.

Henry’s eyes widened in panic at the thought of leaving Storybrooke, “why would we go back to New York?”

“You’re not,” Regina answered instantly, her voice steady though there was just a hint of fear dancing within those syllables, a tone only Emma could identify for she knew the brunette all too well. “Right Miss Swan?”

She inhaled deeply, attempting to quell the fiery rage bubbling within her veins, the need to defend her own thoughts and confused feelings almost drowning her as all dared to gape at her. “Actually, it’s complicated.”

“Why would we leave?” the same question beginning to stamp on her very last nerve, “this is our home.”

“Your home.” she thought to herself, the same sense of self-loathing clawing at her as it had since the moment they had crossed the town line. She had expected to feel relief, to feel like she was where she belonged…to feel anything other than the need to run. Here were her parents, the two she had spent all of her life looking for, the whole reason she had become a bounty hunter, a person who found things and she had done that, she had found them…”Henry,” she breathed out slowly, her eyes finally opening to look at her son, “this isn’t the time or place.”

“I think it is.”

“No,” she snapped, fierce eyes matching those Regina was aiming at her, a silent showdown uncommon for them, they were words and fists and fire. “It’s not.” and with that she turned and left, her blood boiling, her skin itching to have cold air wash over it. She should have known though, should have known that as soon as she left the building, left the heated words hanging and the beginnings of an argument open, that Regina would follow, of course she would.

“You can’t just do that.”

“What?” she snapped again as she spun around to face the woman, all pretences of calm gone with the closing of the diner door as she fell into familiar territory, feeling just a twinge of normalcy for the first time in over a year, “what can’t I ‘just do’ Regina?” she mocked with air quotes, almost excited when a flash of fury burned through chocolate orbs, full lips parted, pulled upwards in the beginnings of a snarl.
“You can’t just shut me out like I don’t matter anymore,” she spat coming closer to the blonde standing just past the gate to Granny’s, heels clicking furiously as she strode over “I’m still his mother.”

“And so am I,” Emma gave back with just as much force, adrenaline pumping through her, the long forgotten sensation almost making her light-headed, “and do you know what Your Highness?” she almost laughed at the anger she could see practically radiating from Regina now as the woman simply waited for her to continue with a sharp glare, “I’m sick of doing what others tell me I should do, what other people think is for the best.”

“This is for the-”

“Oh don’t give me that shit Regina,” the brunette blanched at the language but said nothing as Emma opened her mouth to continue, eyes narrowed, face twisted something terrible in a scowl “the whole reason we were even in New York this past year was to get him away from all of this,” she threw her arms up to gesture to the air around them, the town, “to keep him out of all this fairytale bullshit.”

“But we took care of the threat,” her retort was weak, the excuse a poor attempt, even Regina knew that. The resignation in dark eyes spoke volumes and had Emma softening slightly. The only reason the woman was even out here was to make sure the blonde wasn’t going to just run off without Henry…

“And what happens when the next one comes huh?” she asked, exasperation replacing anger, “what happens when some freaking evil version of Mary Poppins comes flying out of a hat somewhere wielding some kind of razor bladed umbrella?” the example was ridiculous but then again, wasn’t everything that happened in her life at the moment? “What happens then?”

Beige coloured lips parted for a moment before closing and opening once more, a slight sheen painting the Mayor’s eyes as she averted her gaze, helplessness colouring every inch of her face, “I don’t know…” it was a mere whisper but every thread of emotion was heard. The pain, the anger, the defeat…”I don’t know.”

“I’m not doing this to take him away from you,” Emma stepped closer then, a sudden need to give comfort to the broken woman before her coming from nowhere, “you broke a curse with your love for each other, why would I want to do that?” A ghost of a smile crossed Regina’s lips at the recent discovery that she was also truly loved by the son she had thought hated her…before it was gone again, the reality of what may soon happen weighing heavily upon them both, “I just…it’s not safe for him here.”

“I can’t lose him again,” a lone tear escaped the brunette’s eye as her lower lip trembled at the thought, “I just can’t Emma, it would end me.”

“Regina, I- what?” she had been about to say something…well, something more but the way the woman had snapped her eyes up so suddenly, a question on her lips and anxiety in her eyes, it had Emma stopping and turning to follow her gaze, turning to confirm the very thing she had just stated…this town wasn’t safe.

“What the hell-”

“is that thing?”

Both stood silent for a moment, only watching the cylindrical blaze illuminating the sky, one end lost within the darkening clouds and the other touching ground.
“You know we’re going to have to-”

“I know.” Emma sighed, not bothering to turn and face Regina, knowing as she always did that the woman would follow…

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date night

Part Twenty Four

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Dear OUaT,

Don’t fuck up Elsa’s story.

The Frozen Fandom

Dear Frozen Fandom,

We apologize in advance.

The OUAT Fandom.

MBTI most accurate descriptions


ESTP: super attractive physically but it’s all downhill from there. never quite know what they’re going to do next but you can probably bet it will be irresponsible. somehow still lovable.

ESTJ: loud, logical, and get shit done — they are the warrior class of the life rpg….

Just let this happen #2






And I was soft. No kiss.